Speculations Arise Regarding Forthcoming Trump-Putin Meeting


Left-leaning individuals and other Trump critics ceaselessly maintain that the President colluded with Russia, thus engendering his defeat of Hillary Clinton. Both Trump and the Russian government have denied the preceding allegations.

These allegations garnered so much steam that the U.S. government launched an official Russia probe. Even after the passing of over one year, evidence of the President’s supposed collusion with Russia has not surfaced. The same reality is also applicable to members of his family and administration.

Additional Details

The upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin will center around foreign policy. For this reason, many individuals suspect that the summit’s outcome will directly impact the relationship between America and Russia for quite some time. Ultimately, the results of the Finland summit remain to be seen.

Readers of The Hill chimed in with their thoughts and predictions as well:

Trump is meeting Putin privately without ANY U.S. aides or interpreters. This should be illegal.