State of Indiana Must Allow Syrian Refugees to Settle in the State


Henegar went on to say in her statement that “Indiana’s failed refugee ban was a shameful retreat from our values and a preview of discriminatory policies like the Muslim Ban, which the ACLU continues to fight at every turn.”

Pence’s Press Secretary Praises Trump for Proper Security Measures That Enabled Indiana to “Settle”

Vice President Pence’s Press Secretary, Alyssa Farah, told the Indy Star that the purpose of Pence’s initial order was to ensure national security. She went on to state that it was because of Trump’s leadership that Indiana could “settle” the matter. “When the now-Vice President was serving as governor he directed all state agencies to stop resettling Syrian refugees in Indiana until the federal government could provide credible assurances that proper security measures are in place. Now, under President Trump’s leadership, proper security measures are being implemented – it makes sense that Indiana would settle.”

In effort to provide clarity, we would like to remind readers that the State of Indiana appealed the temporary injunction and lost. They did not settle the lawsuit.