Calls For the Resignation of AG Jeff Sessions Emerge


Earlier today, another call for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions emerged, reports The Hill.

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Calls for Attorney General Sessions to Step Down

Over the past few months, bipartisan criticism of the Attorney General has mounted, although for very different reasons. Many left-leaning Americans have expressed displeasure with Sessions’ policies and commentary. Conversely, right-leaning Americans believe the Attorney General is failing to properly do his job and halt government corruption and potential hidden enemies of President Trump.

Many of the aforementioned calls for the resignation of the Attorney General have taken place via social media. However, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs joined the fray with the hereinafter tweet:

The foregoing tweeted ensued after an article alleging that Sessions failed to answer critical questions during a meeting.

House Republican Matt Gaetz also vocalized his concerns about Sessions’ conduct on Fox News: