House Intelligence Committee Chairman: Conservatives ‘Under Attack’ in America


On Saturday, California Republican Devin Nunes expressed concerns about the treatment of conservatives, reports The Hill.

Nunes on Why Conservatives are ‘Under Attack’

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman’s remarks followed after Stephen Colbert blasted Nunes for the recent memo release.

Nunes’ statement reads as follows:

I think this is the danger that we have in this country, this is an example of it. The left controls not only the universities in this country, but they also control Hollywood in this country, and the mainstream media. So … conservatives in this country are under attack and, I think this is a great example of it. I hope they continue to do it.

The State of Conservatives in America

Many right-leaning Americans and Trump supporters agree with Nunes and have stated that conservatives are, in fact, under attack. The right moreover views social media as a prime example of this. Conservatives have reported censorship en masse, stating that their Twitter accounts faced suspensions while many of their YouTube videos faced demonetization.