Stolen Van Gogh Painting Recovered After Daring Art Detective Operation


The stolen masterpiece was concealed within a bloody pillowcase, carefully tucked away inside a blue Ikea tote bag. The emotional reunion of the painting with museum officials was described as “truly amazing” by Taco Dibbits, General Director of the Rijksmuseum.

Vincent van Gogh is back! In close coordination with Dutch Police I was able to recover Van Goghs ‘Spring Garden’ (1884). The painting was… | Instagram

Brand posted on Instagram on September 12 that “Vincent van Gogh is back! In close coordination with the Dutch Police, I was able to recover Van Gogh’s ‘Spring Garden’ (1884). The painting was stolen 3 years ago on Van Gogh’s birthday from the Singer Museum in Laren, the Netherlands. A great day for all Van Gogh lovers worldwide…”

In a video, Brand holds the van Gogh panel and said he was planning to have a drink with all the Dutch police officers who worked on its recovery after handing it over to museum director Andreas Blühm.

Stolen Van Gogh was artist’s early work 

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