Britain Implements New Guidelines for American XL Bully Dogs


When people own pets, there’s an expectation that these animals won’t pose as menaces to themselves or society. Of course, everyone is familiar with the horror stories that entail someone being injured or even mauled to death by either their own pet or the pet of another individual.

One breed of animal that has a particularly nasty reputation in this regard is none other than the American XL bully dog. This reputation does not come without controversy, though.

Some individuals maintain these animals are inherently dangerous and therefore have no place in civilized society. However, others believe the negative headlines surrounding American XL bullies carry a stronger correlation with their environments.

Despite the differing viewpoints, the United Kingdom is taking effective action when it comes to XL bully dogs.

The future of this breed in Britain

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced that a ban on American XL bullies is definitely coming down the pipeline before 2024 arrives. However, in the meantime, British owners of these dogs will have to abide by certain regulations.