Storm Alert: Possible Golf ball-sized hail, damaging winds, and tornados


The Southern states may have a greater risk of damage from flooding than the threat of severe thunderstorms. Heavy rain has fallen recently in the region recently. And days of rainfall are possible as the front stalls out across the South.

Repeated rounds of rain will increase the potential for flooding late this week, especially from southern Arkansas and far eastern Texas into Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The majority of the low-lying atmospheric turbulence should begin to dissipate by early Friday morning. But light showers and rain is expected to continue throughout the weekend.

Flash Flooding Tips

Flooding will be the biggest issue for Thursday evening and Friday morning commuters.

There is a potential threat for flooding. This is a worse risk in areas that are low-lying or prone to floods. Please be cautious. And avoid driving through water on the road, even if it appears shallow.

According to the National Weather Service, as little as 11 to 12 inches of fast-flowing water can carry away most vehicles.