POLL: Most Renters Are Giving Up on Home Ownership


Nationwide, the rising cost of living stands out as a thorn in many Americans’ side. As prices rise, businesses are also looking to reduce overhead expenditures, making it increasingly more challenging for people to find work. Then, there’s also the automation factor, which is projected to wipe out many jobs that human beings rely upon in this country.

As people’s financial situations take hits, they’re having to make adjustments accordingly. In some cases, this means taking on gig work or having to purchase fewer groceries so utility bills get paid.

Either way, a lot of Americans have it rough. In fact, many people’s situations have gotten so bad that they’re giving up on ever being able to own a home.

Most renters don’t see themselves ever becoming homeowners

The Harris Poll Thought Leadership and Future Practice recently publicized a real estate poll that speaks volumes about current times. According to the data, most renters would like to become homeowners one day; yet, 61% believe this is no longer a feasible option for them.