Strong Majority of Americans Support IVF Access


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a healthcare practice in which mature eggs from ovaries undergo fertilization via sperm, typically in a lab. From here, the egg(s) go(es) into a woman’s uterus to be carried to term.

Many couples who struggle with fertility, yet want to have children, rely upon IVF to expand their families and become parents. In spite of this, the Southern Baptist Convention recently made headlines after not just voting against support for IVF, but also issuing a statement that explicitly condemns the medical procedure.

On the heels of this, Senate Republicans are taking heat on social media for voting down the Right to IVF Act. This piece of legislation would have codified access to IVF; yet, only two GOP senators (Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins) voted in favor of it.

Despite the votes of the Southern Baptist Convention and most Senate Republicans, new polling shows the overwhelming majority of Americans favor access to IVF.

A closer look at the public perception of IVF

Just yesterday, Gallup released a new survey that confirms 82% of Americans perceive IVF as a “morally acceptable” form of healthcare. Only a meager 10% told the pollster they feel IVF is “morally wrong.”