STUDY: US Tap Water Likely Contaminated With Dangerous Toxins


Across the United States, many people drink tap water each day. The water is regularly consumed in our homes and even at certain restaurants. By and large, folks widely believe that having water from the tap is safe.

The same principle does not apply to certain countries around the world. In Costa Rica and El Salvador, for instance, people should not ingest tap water, as they could take ill. The same rule of thumb also exists in many other Central American nations.

Unfortunately, a new study here in the States indicates that our tap water may not be as squeaky clean as we’ve all believed.

This development may shock you

According to the US Geological Survey, previous reviews of tap water failed to include tests for various toxins such as PFAS chemicals. These substances are not only dangerous to human health, but they may also exist within close to half of US tap water.

While over 12,000 PFAS types exist, the US Geological Survey was able to come to the aforementioned conclusion after only reviewing 32 PFAS. In light of the findings, Americans who drink tap water should reconsider.