Sunshine State Sonar Locates Missing Orlando Woman After More Than a Decade


Sunshine State Sonar utilizes advanced sonar technology, sending pulses of sound waves into the water and capturing the waves that bounce back to create detailed images.

 This cutting-edge imaging technique, comparable to an MRI scanner in hospitals, has become increasingly affordable for portable devices. The group’s mission extends beyond recovery, focusing on the preservation of evidence crucial to investigations.

Florida Highway Patrol Investigation

The Florida Highway Patrol is presently investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash. According to a preliminary report, the Ford Freestar van was traveling on the State Road 417 southbound exit ramp to World Drive when, for unknown reasons, the driver ran off the roadway and entered the retention pond, resulting in the complete submersion of the vehicle. 

The specific date and time of the crash are still under investigation. But it likely occurred when Sandra Lemire disappeared.

Lemire vanished on May 8, 2012, after leaving her grandmother’s home in Orlando. She was last seen driving her grandmother’s red van, the same vehicle found submerged in the retention pond. Lemire was reportedly on her way to Kissimmee to meet with a man she had connected with through an online dating service.