Support For Postsecondary Education is Declining: POLL


Traditionally, higher education has been associated with going on to have a lucrative career and good life. Across the country, people are regularly told that without getting a college degree, they’re severely limiting their opportunities and futures.

However, this sentiment is now facing increasing pushback. Many young people are asking themselves if college and university are really how they want to spend their time from 18 to 22. Others are most interested in starting a business, going to trade school, or pursuing other ventures.

Adding to the dynamic is a rise of student loan debt that’s having seriously detrimental impacts on Americans’ finances. As all of this takes place, a new poll from Gallup shows a decline in support for overall postsecondary education.

Americans are divided on this

While 39% of people hold quite positive views on postsecondary education, 32% have very little confidence or none at all. Another 32% told the pollster that their support for college and university is moderate, rather than high or low.