Susman Godfrey To Get $101M in Landmark Settlement against AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co.


On the opposing side, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co. is represented by David Robert Gelfand, Robert Charles Hora, Scott Alexander Edelman, Stacey Jill Rappaport, Jonathan Daniel Lamberti, Sean Miles Murphy of Milbank LLP, as well as Hugh Daniel

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Sandler and Larry Howard Krantz of Krantz & Berman LLP.

This legal clash between two titanic legal teams adds a sense of grandeur and weight to the story, emphasizing the high stakes at play.

In this thrilling legal saga, Susman Godfrey’s victorious pursuit of $101 million in attorney fees shines as a symbol of justice triumphing over questionable insurance practices. The future implications of this groundbreaking case are sure to leave readers astounded.