Euthanizing of American XL Bullies Begins in Britain


Back in September, United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced an upcoming ban on American XL bullies that will begin by 2024. The British le

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ader’s announcement emerged after official confirmation that this breed of dog bears responsibility for a sizable bulk of attacks on both people and even other animals.

In the weeks after Britain learned of this, some experts in the country sounded the alarm against it. They warned that not only would the ban be difficult to enforce, but it would also take a lot of resources and time to hear from XL bully owners who want to get exemptions for their own pets.

Owners of this breed also started taking dog training classes, purchasing muzzles, and otherwise working to abide by new guidelines set in place by the UK government.

Barely a month later, the euthanizing of American XL bullies has begun in Britain.

The latest on American XL bullies

While some pet owners have taken to protest in the streets, vowing to fight for their dogs, others are resigned to the upcoming prohibition.