British Experts Sound the Alarm on Ban of American XL Bully Dogs


Earlier this month, the world learned the United Kingdom will implement a ban on American XL bully dogs before 2024 emerges. This decision comes after a considerable number of attacks on humans and animals from XL bullies.

Experts have furthermore linked this breed of dog to perpetrating 60% of deadly UK dog maulings in 2022, in addition to 70% of British dog fatalities since 2021.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak formally announced the upcoming prohibition last week. While many people expressed support for Britain’s decision and labeled XL bully dogs as ticking time bombs, some experts share a very different perspective.

Recourse for owners of American XL bullies

One major issue with banning XL bullies is the current owners of these dogs in the UK who will seek exemptions.

To obtain such exemptions, however, British residents will have to prove before a court that their XL bullies do not pose a danger to society. Assuming that the court is convinced, these dog owners will then have to ensure their pets get microchipped, sterilized, and wear a muzzle in public areas.

Warnings against Britain’s XL bully dog ban

Dog expert Michael Barnett feels the UK lacks the substantial resources that will be necessary to enforce the ban on this breed. According to Barnett, courts will have to take at least hundreds of hours to hear from all the XL bully owners who naturally want to keep their pets.