Brits Embrace Dog Muzzles, Training Classes Amid Upcoming Ban on American XL Bullies


Earlier this month, United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed the country will implement a ban on American XL bully dogs.

News of the ban emerged after officials confirmed this dog breed contributed to a considerable amount of attacks on humans and even other dogs. However, many Brits strongly oppose Sunak’s decision.

UK citizens who took issue with the prime minister’s announcement protested in London, warning against the demonization of an entire breed. Others pointed out that attacks from American XL bullies remain more indicative of their individual upbringings or environments, rather than their innate breed.

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Interestingly enough, various British experts also warned, in the wake of Sunak’s announcement, that simply banning American XL bullies is not an easy or practical fix.

Amid pushback from UK XL bully owners and experts, Brits are now driving an increase in muzzles and training classes for their pets set to bear the impacts of this ban.

A necessary step for XL bully owners moving forward

With the news that XL bullies will not be permitted in Britain by the time next year arrives, many dog owners feel on edge.