Switzerland Now Facing Serious Shortage of Rabies Vaccines


Until at least this month, the Swiss government will not permit rabies vaccines from these reserves to accompany travel medicine. Since late 2023, both of Switzerland’s rabies vaccine suppliers have been relying on compulsory stocks; largely fueling this trend are supply delays amid a worldwide shortage.

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Starting on Monday, February 26, an official decree goes into effect, covering the use of mandatory stock vaccines. When these immunizations do get released from the vault, it’ll happen in very limited quantities.

When will the shortage come to an end?

At this time, the Swiss federal economic supply office believes this deficit could wane as soon as February 2026. In the meantime, the European country will have to make some adjustments to ensure the rabies vaccine stockpile avoids a tumble down to zero.

It’s unclear if other nations may be able to assist Switzerland with getting more of these vaccines. After all, even two years is quite a stretch of time to face such a limited supply of vital resources.