Switzerland Now Facing Serious Shortage of Rabies Vaccines


Rabies is a fatal virus that targets the central nervous systems of those who become infected. As time passes, various nerve cells are attacked before this virus finally moves on to the brain.

Once this happens, the infected person begins to suffer from brain swelling. With few exceptions, a coma and death tend to follow next.

Due to the severe, devastating impacts of this virus, medical officials helped develop rabies vaccines, with some of the earliest ones emerging in 1885. Today, rabies vaccines are available for humans and animals alike to steer clear of this deadly infection.

Unfortunately, the supply level of these vaccines has seen better days. Switzerland, for instance, is dealing with rabies vaccine shortages, a phenomenon with very troubling implications.

What to know about the deficit in Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply announced that it’s already taking steps to mitigate potential harm from the shortage. A central part of this work requires reserving compulsory stock vaccines for essential care only.