Tesla Buys Battery Technology Patents and the Company that Develops Them


Tesla was trying to cut operational costs by more than 75%. At the same time, they want to clean up the process that harms the environment. Another challenge in battery design is increasing energy density and maximizing the life-span of the battery.

 “We can also use that same process to directly consume the metal powder coming out of the recycled electric vehicle. And grid storage batteries,” Baglino reassures the Battery Day audience.

Musk said 8 months ago that the benefits of Tesla’s new battery technologies will enable a price tag of  $25,000 per vehicle. But he says not to expect too much, too fast. “It will take us probably a year to 18 months to start realizing these advantages, and three years or thereabouts to fully realize them.”

Battery Technology Patents hold the key

It turns out that Elon Musk and Dan Baglino knew what they were talking about. Weeks before the event Tesla purchased a number of Springpower, Intl. battery technology patents applications. Public records show they only paid $3 for the patents.