Tesla Tops the List of Most American-Made Cars in 2023, Surpassing Traditional Giants


In a bid to encourage this move, the government has recently incentivized battery production through the IRA’s requirement that an increasing percentage of batteries be built in North America.

 Unveiling the Most American-Made Vehicles

The criteria used by Cars.com to classify a car as American-made encompasses five factors: the origin of available transmissions and engines, the size of the U.S. manufacturing workforce, the location of final assembly, and the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts.

Among the 100 vehicles listed, the first American car from the traditional Big Three (Ford, GM or Stellantis) is the Lincoln Corsair, which is in the 16th position.

Notably, the most American-made truck on the list is the Honda Ridgeline, while the most American-made full-size truck is the Toyota Tundra.

In addition, Tesla’s scorecard reveals a 100% domestic assembly for U.S. light-duty sales.

 An Insight into Other Automakers and Their Share of U.S. Light-Duty Sales

Apart from Tesla, other automakers showed varying degrees of domestic assembly for U.S. light-duty sales. Ford, Honda, and Stellantis showed 77.5%, 73.1%, and 70.1% respectively. GM, despite having more vehicles on the American-Made Index than any other automaker, represented only 54% of U.S. light-duty sales. Meanwhile, Michigan emerged as the state that produces more vehicles on the list than any other, even though none of the top 20 on the Index are assembled there.