The Bradley Arant Suit: Behind-the-Scenes texts

Bradley Arant Suit

It was a silent courtroom drama that felt like something straight out of a Hollywood thriller. A courtroom scenario that pivots not on spoken words, but on the buzz of a cellphone.

NuVasive Inc., along with their counsel at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, are staring down the barrel of a sanctions request in a lawsuit that accuses them of employment discrimination.

The reason? A behind-the-scenes text message to a witness during a deposition.

Bradley Arant Suit: Shocking Turn of Events

At a recent deposition, Wendy Harrison, a representative for NuVasive, faced the counsel for George Darrow, a former employee who claimed he was let go because of a disability stemming from thyroid cancer.

It is believed Darrow’s health issues arose from radiation exposure during his tenure with the company. Harrison initially testified that no email evidence existed regarding certain statements about Darrow’s work capabilities.

Yet, in a twist worthy of a courtroom drama, she backtracked mere moments later, revealing such documentation did, in fact, exist.