‘The Nun II’ Star Brings Lawsuit Against Warner Bros.


Next month, The Nun II is coming to theaters. Trailers and other promotions of the film continue to make the rounds on social media in real time.

This sequel will directly follow the events of 2018’s The Nun, which saw a haunted abbey in Romania being terrorized by the demonic nun, Valak, who originally hails from the hit horror movie, The Conjuring 2.

So far, there’s lots of anticipation from fans surrounding The Nun II. While the movie is expected to do well, there’s also more happening behind the scenes. This namely pertains to Bonnie Aarons, the actress who portrays Valak.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Aarons has brought legal action against Warner Bros., alleging they violated their contract with her.

A closer look at Aarons’ lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, Warner Bros. apparently failed to hand over the funds owed to Aarons for merchandise sales of her likeness.

In making this allegation, Aarons also points out that Warner Bros. financially benefited from her portrayal of Valak, yet failed to honor the details of her contract that explicitly state she’s owed a portion of “gross receipts” from merchandise sales of her likeness as Valak.