Thoma Bravo Aquires Everbridge for $1.5 billion

Thoma Bravo aquires Everbridge for $1.5 billion

In a seismic move reverberating across financial markets, Thoma Bravo, guided by Kirkland & Ellis LLP, has sealed a deal to acquire Everbridge, represented by Cooley LLP, for a staggering $1.5 billion, announced both companies on Monday.

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Thoma Bravo Aquires Everbridge for $1.5 billion : A Lucrative Offer

Everbridge shareholders are set to cash in handsomely, pocketing $28.60 per share in cash, marking a breathtaking 32% premium over Everbridge’s average share price over the past 90 days. This announcement sent shockwaves through the stock market, causing Everbridge’s shares to skyrocket by approximately 18%, reaching $28.10 per share on Monday.

A Beacon of Safety and Innovation

Founded in the wake of the harrowing events of 9/11, Everbridge has emerged as a beacon of safety, providing critical event management software to over 6,500 customers globally. With a suite of products tailored to ensure people’s safety and organizational continuity during crises, Everbridge has garnered widespread acclaim, serving a diverse clientele spanning various industries and governmental bodies.

Thoma Bravo Aquires Everbridge for $1.5 billion : A Strategic Vision Unveiled

Hudson Smith, a partner at Thoma Bravo, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition’s potential, emphasizing plans to bolster Everbridge’s market presence in risk management, compliance, and safety solutions. Smith hailed Everbridge’s existing product portfolio, already trusted by leading corporations and organizations worldwide, as a foundation for future innovation and growth.

Thoma Bravo’s Dominance in Software Acquisition

Thoma Bravo, headquartered in Chicago, boasts a formidable track record in acquiring software companies, managing over $130 billion in assets. This acquisition of Everbridge follows closely on the heels of Thoma Bravo’s $1.8 billion purchase of NextGen Healthcare Inc., demonstrating the firm’s relentless pursuit of strategic acquisitions in the software sector.

Thoma Bravo Aquires Everbridge for $1.5 billion : The Road Ahead

Pending approval from Everbridge shareholders and regulatory bodies, the deal is slated to conclude in the second quarter of 2024. Following the acquisition, Everbridge will bid adieu to the Nasdaq, though it will persist under its esteemed name and brand, signaling continuity amidst transformative change.

A New Chapter of Innovation

David Wagner, Everbridge’s CEO, hailed the partnership with Thoma Bravo as a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, emphasizing the shared commitment to innovation and customer empowerment in navigating critical events. Wagner lauded Thoma Bravo’s expertise in risk management and safety sectors, envisioning an era of unparalleled growth and impact.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Qatalyst Partners is facilitating Everbridge’s financial endeavors, while a 25-day “go-shop” provision offers the company ample time to explore superior proposals, underscoring Everbridge’s commitment to securing the best possible outcome for its stakeholders.

Thoma Bravo Aquires Everbridge for $1.5 billion : Legal Minds at Work

Cooley LLP’s seasoned team, led by M&A co-chair Jamie Leigh and partner Kevin Cooper, spearheads Everbridge’s legal counsel, ensuring a smooth transition through this monumental acquisition.