Toll Brothers Suit Against Security Co: Judge Trims Claims

Toll Brothers Suit Against Security Co

Toll Brothers’ legal battle against Security Systems Inc. took a dramatic turn as a Connecticut judge ruled on Wednesday to trim three out of seven claims in a $12 million lawsuit. While Toll Brothers Smart Home Technologies Inc. faced setbacks, the majority of its suit remains intact, revealing the intricacies of this high-stakes clash in the home security realm.

Toll Brothers Suit Against Security Co : Attrition Reserve Drama Unfolds

In a perplexing twist, Toll Brothers saw its claims for bad faith dealing, conversion, and tortious interference trimmed away, hinging on its own word choices in the August complaint. The battleground was the $1.5 million attrition reserve fund, a safety net for potential defaults on home security monitoring accounts sold to Security Systems.

The court dismissed Toll Brothers’ argument that Security Systems acted in bad faith, emphasizing that the alleged actions were incorrect or unfair but lacked intentional malfeasance. Notably, Toll Brothers’ admission that it lacked a direct right to the reserve fund unless specific events occurred undermined the claim that Security Systems had wrongfully appropriated the funds.

Tortious Interference Unraveled

The lawsuit also detailed allegations of tortious interference, asserting that Security Systems harassed Toll Brothers’ clients not included in the $12 million deal. However, the court dissected Toll Brothers’ own wording, pointing out that the complaint suggested Security Systems’ actions were based on an “erroneously” loaded list of accounts. The court’s emphasis on “erroneously” raised doubts about malicious intent, leading to the dismissal of the tortious interference claim.

Toll Brothers Suit Against Security Co : Surviving the Legal Fray

Despite these setbacks, Toll Brothers secured victories in its claims for fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, and violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. The court deemed these claims sufficiently pled, allowing them to endure Security Systems’ attempt to strike them down. Additionally, Toll Brothers’ breach of contract claim, which remained untouched, will continue its legal journey.