Trendsettah USA Inc wins $10.8M in Fees


However, the Ninth Circuit, acting almost as a deus ex machina, reversed the grant of summary judgment to Swisher in 2019 and instructed the lower court to reinstate the 2016 jury verdict in its entirety, adding another twist to this legal rollercoaster.

The Final Verdict and Its Implications

This legal battle, echoing the complexity of a grand opera, culminated in the recent ruling. Trendsettah’s victory, while not encompassing the antitrust claims, still marks a significant win in the breach of contract segment. Their argument hinged on the notion that their appellate victory cemented them as the prevailing party, thus entitling them to fees and costs from Swisher.

Representatives from both Swisher and Trendsettah, caught in this legal tempest, remained silent upon requests for comments. However, the list of legal gladiators representing both entities reads like a who’s who of the legal arena, indicating the high stakes and complexities involved in this landmark case.