Trump Leaves White House, His Parting Shot, ‘We Will Be Back In Some Form’


President Donald J. Trump, holding hands with FLOTUS Melania Trump, gave his final goodbyes to loyal staff members, security, and supporters shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday.

This was his final walk as commander in chief, as he prepared to board Marine One to head to Joint Base Andrews for a farewell speech hours before Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Trump was greeted at Joint Base Andrews by cannons firing and the military band playing.

“We’ve accomplished so much together,” Trump said to the small crowd, as his family looked on. “People have no idea how hard this family worked — and they worked for you. They could’ve had a much easier life.”

He continued, “What we have done has been amazing by any standard.” Trump referred to the pandemic as if it was in the past, saying, “As bad as the pandemic was… we did something that is really considered a medical miracle. They’re calling it a miracle, and that was the vaccine. We got the vaccine developed in nine months.”