Trump New Gag Order: Appeals Court Reinstates Restrictions

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The ongoing civil fraud trial involving Donald Trump has taken another dramatic turn as a mid-level New York appeals court reinstates gag orders, once again silencing the former president from making public statements about the judge’s court staff.

The Gag Orders: Protecting Judicial Staff

Initially lifted by an appellate judge, the gag orders were reinstated on Thursday, preventing Trump and his legal team from publicly discussing the judge’s law clerk. These orders come in the wake of Trump’s public accusations of political bias against the clerk.

The Root of the Case: Allegations of Financial Misconduct

The gag orders are a facet of the civil fraud trial led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The case accuses Trump of exaggerating the value of his real estate assets in financial statements to secure better terms on loans and insurance.

Security at the Forefront: Justice Engoron’s Decisive Action

Justice Arthur Engoron, overseeing the trial, initially imposed the gag orders citing serious security concerns. These concerns were heightened after Trump shared a photo and personal details of the law clerk, making unfounded claims about her relationship with Senator Chuck Schumer and her involvement in the case.