Trump’s NY Trial Delayed: Prosecutors Seek Extension Amid Document Deluge

Trumps NY Trial Delayed

In a dramatic turn of events, the trial of former President Donald Trump regarding hush money payments has encountered a significant delay proposal from the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The proposed delay of up to 30 days stems from the recent disclosure of an overwhelming volume of documents linked to a crucial witness in the case, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

Prosecution Points Finger at Trump’s Legal Team

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s counsel pointed fingers squarely at Trump’s legal team for the tardy production of essential materials. Referring to a subpoena issued by Trump back in January, the prosecution emphasized that the delay was due to the late submission of documents by the ex-president’s attorneys. Despite being ready to kick off jury selection within a week, the prosecution didn’t oppose the postponement to ensure ample time for the defense to review the newly disclosed materials.

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo stated, “Although the People are prepared to proceed to trial on March 25, we do not oppose an adjournment in an abundance of caution and to ensure that defendant has sufficient time to review the new materials.”

Trump’s NY Trial Delayed : Document Dump Raises Eyebrows

The recent avalanche of documents, totaling tens of thousands of pages, has added layers of complexity to the legal proceedings. Trump’s initial request in January yielded a substantial cache of 73,000 pages, which, according to the prosecution, wouldn’t have necessitated a delay. However, the revelation of an additional 31,000 documents on Wednesday, coupled with the promise of more from federal prosecutors, has prompted a reconsideration.