U.S. blocks HIMARS arms sale to Hungary until they approve Sweden’s NATO bid


“During the previous government term, the government commissioner in charge of procurement requested information about HIMARS missile systems in a letter with a March 2022 deadline. There was no response from the U.S. side, therefore, the ministry considered the matter closed,” according to Hungary’s statement.

NATO Membership Update:

The US put the brakes on new arms sales to Budapest in an attempt to force Hungary to give the green light to Sweden’s entrance into the NATO alliance. Sweden is hoping for protection against a possible Russian invasion of the Scandinavian country.

Finland and Sweden applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty amid the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine in May 2022.

Finland which borders Russia officially became the 31st NATO member on April 4, 2023. Turkey and Hungary are so far refusing to ratify Sweden’s application to NATO.

On June 8 Ukrainian soldiers completed training in Sweden. They trained on the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle which is being used in the counter-insurgency effort against Russia.