U.S. Citizen, Michael Travis, Detained in Russia on Drug Charges

Michael Travis

American national, Michael Travis Leake, who once charmed the Russian audience with his tunes, now finds himself in the tight clasp of Russian law enforcement.

He stands accused of organizing a drug dealing network aimed at young individuals. Travis, a former paratrooper turned musician, made a name for himself as a member of the Russian rock band, Lovi Noch.

Michael Travis : A Fall from Grace

With an impressive résumé including being an English teacher and song translator for local bands, Travis’s downfall strikes a dissonant note.

He has lived in Russia for over a decade and has allegedly veered off his music path into the sinister realm of drug trafficking.

This recent accusation has hit a nerve, particularly given the current strained relations between Washington and Moscow.

Michael Travis : The Charges

Travis, age 51, has been indicted on suspicion of peddling mephedrone, a potent narcotic, bearing resemblances to cocaine and MDMA in its effects.

Michael Travis’s arrest marks yet another instance of an American being incarcerated in Russia, with implications reverberating well beyond the Moscow courtroom.