UK Musician Cops To $6M Securities Fraud

UK Musician Cops To $6M Securities Fraud

In a narrative that seems ripped from a high-stakes thriller, a renowned Afrobeats artist from the United Kingdom, known as Drizzle Lomo on stage, has admitted his role in a daring $6 million cyber fraud plot. The artist, Idris Dayo Mustapha, 33, made this startling confession in a New York federal court on Tuesday, acknowledging his participation in an intricate scam that spanned from 2011 to 2018.

From Beats to Cyber Beats: The Artist’s Dark Turn

Mustapha, a figure in the Afrobeats group BTWBC, or Built to Win Ballers Club, orchestrated this digital heist with the precision of a maestro. He played a pivotal role in a scheme that involved hacking into American email and brokerage accounts. His extradition from Leeds, England, in August marked the culmination of a long pursuit by the authorities.

UK Musician Cops To $6M Securities Fraud : The Art of Deception

The plot, as outlined by prosecutors, reads like a script from a cyber-crime movie. It involved breaking into the digital vaults of financial institutions, pilfering private customer data, and then using this stolen information to impersonate the victims and siphon off their funds through wire transfers.

UK Musician Cops To $6M Securities Fraud : Mustapha’s Defense

In a twist that adds layers to this saga, Mustapha, while battling extradition in November 2022, claimed innocence. He argued that a New Jersey bank account, alleged by prosecutors to be a depot for the fraudulent funds, was opened under the direction of record executives. This account, tied to his brief sojourn in the U.S. for a supposed temporary record deal, was, according to Mustapha, a mere tool for his musical endeavors.

The Prosecution’s Crescendo: Tying Loose Ends

The prosecution’s case paints a different picture. They allege the New Jersey account saw an influx of $104,000, traced back to a brokerage account used by the fraud syndicate for unauthorized trading. This group included an unnamed Lithuanian national residing in the U.S., further adding international intrigue to the case.

Legal Harmonies: The Defense and Prosecution Ensembles

While Mustapha’s counsel remains silent, the U.S. government’s legal symphony is led by Richard Evans of 6KBW, with the Crown Prosecution Service orchestrating from behind. Mustapha’s legal defense is under the baton of Joshua L. Dratel of the Law Offices of Joshua L. Dratel PC, setting the stage for a legal concerto that promises to unravel more twists in this complex cyber caper.