Unmarked Graves of Indigenous Kids at US Boarding Schools 


Native American Indian activists are calling for a reckoning in the U.S. Reporter Anya Zoledziowski of the Vice News claims there were once over 360 “schools” for indigenous kids in the states. They fear that the schools are filled with unmarked graves of the children sent there. 

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Churches and the government operated the boarding schools, which were as brutal as those in Canada. Activists are asking for an investigation and want to find the unmarked graves.

Last week five Canadian churches were burned or vandalized as a response to finding more unmarked graves at a former residential school site. Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission continues to investigate.

 It is estimated that as many as 15,000 Indian children may have died in the schools in Canada between 1860 and 1980. So far 215 child victims have been located in unmarked graves in Kamloops, Canada.

Shortly after a First Nation in British Columbia, Canada, confirmed it found the remains of 215 Indigenous children buried under a former residential school, news of similar sites started to spread across Canada and in the United States.