Utah AG Sean Reyes Accused of Hiding Alleged Crimes of Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad


However, the women bringing sexual abuse allegations against Ballard say that Reyes’ work with OUR took a dark turn.

According to their version of events, the Utah attorney general deliberately interfered with the investigation of Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings back in 2020. Rawlings, at that time, was looking into reports that OUR assumed credit for the anti-human trafficking work of other organizations.

Here is where the women say Reyes intimidated people complaining about OUR, in addition to personally emailing Ballard with information about the complaints made.

A formal response from the Utah attorney general

Amid the amended lawsuit, Reyes’ office in Utah responded, issuing a swift denial.

According to the attorney general, he never engaged in witness intimidation or tried to stop the Davis County attorney from investigating OUR or Ballard. In further remarks, Reyes claimed the women asserting otherwise are making “defamatory” and “false” allegations against him.