Utah Lawmaker Arrested for Trying to “Intimidate” Police Officer into Releasing His Arrested Son


“I want you to turn him loose,” Adams responded.

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“I can’t turn him loose, Bruce,” Holyoak noted in the warrant.

“The warrant’s false!” Adams insisted.

“The warrant’s not false. The warrant’s right there,” the officer said.

“Do you want me to sue the son-of-a-b**** county sheriff because he arrested my kid on a false warrant?” Adams said.

Holyoak later described the incident in his police report, saying “It appeared to me that [Adams] was trying to use his influence as a County Commissioner to intimidate me into showing him information that I was not permitted to do.”

“It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for me to act that way. I feel bad that I did that. But I was emotional,” he told the outlet. “Nobody addressed me as Commissioner Adams at any time during the incident. In my opinion, I was acting as a father.”