Utah Lawmaker Arrested for Trying to “Intimidate” Police Officer into Releasing His Arrested Son

Bruce Adams, Chairman of the San Juan County Commission
Bruce Adams, Chairman of the San Juan County Commission

A Utah lawmaker has been charged with attempting to “intimidate” police officers into discharging his son after he was arrested on burglary charges late last year.

Bodycamera footage obtained by KUTV shows San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams scolding a sheriff’s deputy after arriving at the scene of his son’s detention the day after Thanksgiving. Police with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office had arrested the son, Kenneth Adams, after discovering an outstanding warrant for his arrest during a routine traffic stop.

Adams arrived and immediately told officers he “wanted to see the ‘mother f—ing warrant right away,” Deputy Wyatt Holyoak reportedly wrote in a police report following the incident.

Holyoak said he “could not show him personal returns on my computer.” But Adams insisted that “I better show him the goddamn warrant right away.”

Holyoak eventually received permission from his superior to share the document with Adams, however. Nevertheless, the lawmaker continued to press.

“What do you want me to do?” Holyoak asked after turning on his bodycamera.