Vice Set to Give Pink Slips to Hundreds of Employees


Like many other CEOs, Dixon explained in his memo that this decision emerged after significant internal reviews and consideration. He also noted that dismissing the aforementioned workers is the best way for Vice to position itself for success, both creatively and financially.

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Vice’s change to its workforce comes amid inflation and growing shifts in how consumers ingest digital news. Going forward, the company also affirmed its commitment to streamlining operations and partnering with other media outlets.

No more publishing content on the website

In addition to laying off hundreds of workers, Vice will also no longer publish content on the website. Certain staff members like Josh Visser deemed the notion of removing people’s work from the site as “completely reprehensible.”

Despite Vice’s assertion that its decisions are in the best interests of the company’s creative success and financial growth, Visser said he fails to understand the “business reasons” behind such a move.

Other similar platforms, such as The Intercept, NowThis, and Vox Media, have made headlines amid their release of hardworking employees.