Haley Phillips 2024? Dean Phillips Floats Bipartisan Unity Ticket With Nikki Haley


Last year, Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips threw his hat in the ring for president. Despite subsequently taking heat from members of his own party, the Minnesota lawmaker believes if things continue on their current trajectory, former President Trump will secure another term in the White House.

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On multiple occasions, Phillips has cited a series of different polls that show President Biden failing to beat Trump in November. Likewise, the Democratic lawmaker favors change that will bring people together and cut back on the animosity that’s seeped into our nation’s politics.

While Biden leads in the Democratic primary, Phillips has made it clear that, at least for now, he’s staying in the race. Though he’s also making headlines for floating a potential bipartisan unity ticket with Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley.

Phillips on joining forces with Haley in the general election

During a sitdown with Talk 830 WCCO in Minnesota, Phillips explained why he feels a “bipartisan ticket” has merit. The lawmaker-turned-presidential candidate stated that a ticket with one Republican and one Democrat would revive Americans’ faith in democracy.