Vitamin Energy Takes #2 Position in Premium Energy Shot Market 


In the dynamic and fast-paced world of energy shots, Vitamin Energy is climbing the ranks quickly. The underdog is now an odds-defying contender whose sales place it at the #2 position. And to give credit, where credit is due, the brand has orchestrated its own success.

A few years ago, Vitamin Energy was just a name in the crowd, whereas 5 Hour Energy, the billion-dollar behemoth, has long been dominant in the premium energy shot marketplace.

The reigning leader in the US Premium Energy Shot market, 5-Hour Energy, has been on a steadily downward trend over the past seven years. And has seen a drop of over $50 million in annual revenue since 2015. 

This decline has coincided with consumers’ growing inclination towards healthier alternatives. Even with declining sales they still hold the top spot in energy shots.

Vitamin Energy Relabeling

In the meantime, Vitamin Energy has relabeled its product and is now surging in sales.

“We’re thrilled to see the market reacting so positively to our relabeling of the Vitamin Energy brand,” Jake Greenway, VP of Marketing at Vitamin Energy explained. “Over recent months, we’ve experienced double-digit growth, which we credit to our laser focus on our customers.”