VPX lowers the boom on Bang, Jack Owoc claims Hostile takeover 


On June 16 Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VPX) filed an emergency motion to hold Jack Owoc and his wife Megan in contempt. The Owocs had been running Bang until March 9. 

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VPX, the parent company of energy drink maker Bang Energy, is slated for auction through U.S. Bankruptcy Court. But they are having problems getting the information they need to make it happen.

The court filing claims the action is necessary because the Owocs refuse to cooperate with the court orders to return all assets, property, devices, and documents from Bang, Inc.  

VPX is frustrated with the Owocs’ claims that they have nothing that belongs to the company. Meanwhile, they are trying to package the company for a court-approved sale.

Emergency Motion to Hold Owoc in Contempt (1).pdf

Jack Owoc built Bang

 John “Jack” Owoc was the company founder and had previously been listed as Bang’s CEO and sole shareholder. And Megan Liz Owoc had served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for the company.

According to the latest court documents, on March 9 the VPX Board terminated the Owacs from their positions.  Jack Owoc responded by sending an email to all Company personnel entitled “HOSTILE TAKEOVER – MEG AND JACK FIRED!”