Washington D.C. Attorney General sued DoorDash for allegedly deceiving consumers


In a statement, AG Racine said, “DoorDash misled consumers, who reasonably believed that their tips would go to workers, not the company’s bottom line. We are filing suit to put a stop to this deceptive practice and secure monetary relief for those harmed by DoorDash’s actions.”

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DoorDash denies the allegations

A spokesperson for DoorDash denied the allegations of AG Racine and called it “without merit.”

“We strongly disagree with and are disappointed by the action taken today. Transparency is of paramount importance, which is why we publicly disclosed how our previous pay model worked in communications specifically created for Dashers, consumers and the general public starting in 2017. We’ve also worked with an independent third party to verify that we have always paid 100% of tips to Dashers. We believe the assertions made in the complaint are without merit and we look forward to responding to them through the legal process.” said the company’s spokesperson.