JUUL accused of deceptive marketing practices by New York AG

Credits: JUUL website

JUUL Labs is facing another lawsuit in connection with its marketing practices that allegedly targeted minors.

On Tuesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James said her office sued JUUL over its alleged deceptive and misleading marketing of its e-cigarettes.

In the lawsuit, AG James alleged that e-cigarette maker copied a page of the big tobacco companies’ playbook by engaging in deceptive advertisements that targeted minors.

JUUL allegedly illegally sold its e-cigarette products to minors through its websie and third-party retail stores across New York State. As a result, a large number of young people in the state are suffering from nicotine addiction.

In addition, AG James alleged that the JUUL’s advertisements allegedly misled consumers by failing to warn consumers that its e-cigarettes contain nicotine. She also accused the company of misrepresented its products as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

JUUL allegedly glamorized e-cigarettes and downplayed its nicotine contents

Furthermore, the attorney general claimed that JUUL contributed to the increasing e-cigarette use among underage youth. The company uses advertisement that included images of attractive young models to attract minors to buy and use its products.