Washington Immigration Law Firm Sues Texas Competitor Over Employee Poaching

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law

HOUSTON — A Washington-based immigration law firm, specializing in visas for domestic violence and sex trafficking victims, has filed a lawsuit against a Texas competitor, alleging employee poaching and trademark infringement. Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law PLLC initiated the suit in late May against former employee Juan Pablo Diaz Cuenca and Meneses Law Firm PLLC. The case was moved to federal court on Friday, according to court records.

The complaint alleges that Diaz, while employed at Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, had access to the firm’s confidential business information. Following his termination, Diaz was hired by Meneses Law Firm, which allegedly began using the trademarked phrase “Arreglar sin salir!” — translating to “fix without leaving” — a phrase registered by Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law.

The lawsuit includes multiple claims, such as unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets, and false designation of origin. The latter relates to the alleged unauthorized use of “Arreglar sin salir!” by Meneses Law Firm. The complaint argues that the Texas firm’s use of the phrase has misled consumers into believing that Meneses Law’s services were affiliated with or provided by Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law.