What is Gua Sha? Everything to Know About the Skincare Routine Trending on Social Media


Gua sha is a Chinese skincare technique that involves gently, yet firmly, scraping your skin (typically your face) with a special stone or tool, going in very specific directions. Gua sha has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. However, here in America, it’s a relatively new skincare concept.

While many people get professional facials, use certain soaps, body scrubs, and other materials to take care of themselves, more folks are adding gua sha to their skincare routines.

In order to safely gua sha, the skin should always be clean and prepped with oil before the scraping starts. This will not only make gua sha more comfortable and soothing, but it’ll also prevent the skin from tearing or suffering trauma due to friction from the stone or tool.

Gua sha is often done on the face with specific stones

Tools used for gua sha facials should be small and come with a smooth edge. Though stones designed for gua sha are often made of either stainless steel, jade green, or rose quartz. These tools are also uniquely shaped to mesh with each person’s facial structures while making for effective scraping.