Where to Watch Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3

Where to Watch Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3
Where to Watch Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3

Anime fans are thrilled to watch Attack on Titan, season 4, part 3. The final season is nearing its end.

Mappa, the studio behind the anime revealed that the long-awaited new releases would be split into two hour-long specials, with the first one coming very soon.

The final season of the beloved anime has been stretched out for around three years now, but it appears these two specials will form the conclusion to Attack on Titan – so safe to say, it’s a big deal!

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The next couple of episodes will show Eren’s endgame, but the character is still a big enigma to viewers after transforming throughout the years.

Even Bryce Papenbrook, who has voiced the character for eight years in the English dub, doesn’t know what to think, telling Polygon: “I don’t know. I haven’t made a decision on how I feel about him.

“I think Attack on Titan does this very well. It builds this grey area, and every single episode just drives the story forward in a really meaningful way where it pulls you in one direction and then immediately flips the world the other way as you learn something else entirely. So I’m not sure how I feel about Eren as a viewer and a fan of the show.