Whitney Houston Tribute Act Must Quit Stage

Whitney Houston Tribute Act Must Quit Stage

In a dramatic escalation of intellectual property rights, the guardians of Whitney Houston‘s illustrious legacy have launched a legal salvo against an events organizer accused of exploiting the late superstar’s name. This unfolding legal drama, centered on the cherished “Whitney Houston” trademark, presents a stark tableau of the complexities and high stakes in the world of entertainment law.

Whitney Houston Tribute Act Must Quit Stage : A Tribute Act’s Controversial Maneuver

Whit Wave IP LLC, the entity holding the reins to Houston’s trademarks, has accused Paul Robert of Paul Roberts Productions of a brazen attempt to latch onto Houston’s enduring fame. This accusation, stemming from a High Court filing on November 3, alleges that Robert has been marketing his tribute shows and related merchandise as if they were endorsed by the Houston estate.

Roberts, who secured a trademark for “Whitney” in 2014, is now facing accusations of bad faith. Whit Wave IP LLC challenges the legitimacy of this trademark, arguing that it represents an unscrupulous bid to monopolize a name with no rightful claim.

The Thin Line of Tribute and Infringement

The claim paints Roberts as a strategist, not only laying claim to Houston’s legacy but also to other music legends like Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder. The live shows, titled ‘Whitney Queen of the Night’, have been promoted across various platforms, allegedly creating a misleading association with Houston’s legacy.