Writing Your Resume: Are You The Candidate Potential Employers MUST Speak To?


Before you can present yourself to a potential employers in an interview, you send out your resume. Those sheets of paper are you. They’re everything you want other people to know about your professional life and how your skillset can benefit a company.

Let that sink in for a second. Your resume is you. It’s you on a page. It’s everything you want to say in the most eloquent way possible. If your resume tanks, you don’t get an interview and you miss out on opportunities in the job market.

So, how do you write a resume that shines?

Here are a few tips on creating the best possible impression with just a blank page and ink.


What Are You Applying For?

If you’re a tour guide, don’t apply to a law firm. There’s no rule saying you can’t start a new career path, but you’ll need to prepare for something like that at length. You can’t apply to a job you’re not qualified for. Not only will you never get an interview, but the employer in question probably won’t take you seriously should you apply later on when you are actually qualified.