YouTube Joins Growing Number of Tech Companies Laying Off Workers


In 2023, tech companies routinely made headlines for cutting down their number of staff. Many people attributed this to the inflation that’s been wreaking havoc on the US economy, thereby forcing large companies to get creative with reducing overhead costs.

As 2024 takes off, inflation continues posing problems for many Americans. Workers and business owners alike are feeling the sting of rising prices. Meanwhile, in most cases, their wages aren’t exactly keeping up with skyrocketing living costs.

In light of this, there’s no sign that companies will be pressing pause on laying off employees they don’t absolutely need. In fact, YouTube just furloughed 100 workers, citing a lack of demand for their services amid recent company changes.

Here’s why YouTube is laying off more of its staff

YouTube workers handling the company’s creator management and operations unit were informed via email that their services were no longer needed.

Mary Ellen Coe, YouTube’s chief business officer, described this as the company’s choice to “eliminate some roles” and bid farewell to applicable workers. The email also clearly indicated that YouTube employees responsible for providing aid to content creators on the platform were most likely to receive pink slips.

More tech companies laying off workers as 2024 begins

Google, which owns YouTube, made a point of cutting employees who oversaw Google Assistant and handled the search engine’s knowledge and information product unit. Going forward, the company is furthermore expected to do away with staffers in charge of central engineering.