1 Tip To Launching News – FREE


Whether you are an individual with an important story or a company looking to get news around your product, you can now create a story and release it for free on the USA Herald.

And unlike other news sites where stories are largely ignored…at a bare minimum USA Herald guarantees that thousands of people will engage in your story.

We accomplish this simply by requiring that all users boost their story across Facebook and Instagram via the USA Herald platform.

Within hours of your story going live, real audiences will start engaging…and as such you’ll see audiences start to view your desired action, whether it’s clicking on your website, ordering a product, or calling your business for more information.

So, with a few clicks, you can get your story live to the world.  Here’s an example of what a story looks like that we ran this year that received thousands of hits and went viral: http://usaherald.com/wrongfully-imprisoned-29-years-leo-schofield-story/.


The Benefits of a USA Herald Story

  You will get to release the exact article that you want on USA Herald.**

  You get to determine how many visitors you want to your article, whether it’s a few thousand or millions, we can distribute to the world via Facebook.

  Your story will show up in searches on Google and Facebook.

  Create your own custom byline and get the recognition you deserve to your story.

  Release your story on your timeline.


It’s free to signup and takes less than a minute.  Click here to get started.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].


*We target FB, Instagram,and the content networks, properly disclosing who you are in the byline and showcasing to readers that your brand sponsored the story.
**Before submitting an article, make sure you note the following:
  • We do not allow “fake” news to be published on our site.  Be prepared to substantiate your claims before should we ask for proof.
  • Make sure that your content is edited and well written.  We reserve the right to reject any content that is poorly written.
  • Do not submit any hate speech or anything that is intended to inflame people.