Part 1: “Free Trial” Scams and The Main Operator Behind Them


Have you ever ordered a dietary supplement or skin product that is offered on a “free trial” basis where you believed that the only cost was in the shipping and handling, only to later find out that you have received additional charges without your consent?   If so, you are not alone.

Millions of Americans have reported to government agencies and consumer complaint bureaus over the past 10 years that they’ve been scammed by various “free trial” schemes that never fully disclosed the terms and conditions of the sale.   Thereafter these consumers, in the masses, have claimed that they lost billions of dollars collectively.

The USA Herald has recently identified one of the primary “operators” of these “free trial” schemes that has had his billing methods called into question by tens of thousands of consumers, authorities, and the news media.   From our investigation, it appears that this operator has orchestrated millions of dollars of ill-gotten revenue via deceptive “free trials” scams.  These scams have received tens of thousands of consumer complaints to banking institutions and governmental agencies by consumers claiming fraud.