News Launcher – Mass Media Distribution


Whether you are an individual with an important story or a company looking to get news around your product, you can now create a story, publish it, and promote it to millions of people via the USA Herald.

And unlike other news sites where stories are largely ignored…at a bare minimum The USA Herald guarantees that thousands of people will engage in your story. 

Depending on your promotion budget and your story’s “social uplift,” your story can reach millions of people, accomplishing:

  • influence people in the masses
  • large volumes of sales
  • mainstream media pickups
  • and endless other opportunities

Sound like a used car sales pitch?  Well kindof, but the fact of the matter is that it works.

Through the USA Herald platform we’ve seen stories accomplish great things such as:

  • New investors infused our clients with capital by raising awareness around their tech startups.
  • Significant spikes in sales to our clients businesses.
  • Authories take action due to enlightenment on suspected crimes.
  • Special interest groups raise awareness around their causes, garnishing influences and captial contributions.
  • Individuals tell their side of the story, rebuildling their personal brands.

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How Can I Launch My First Story?

Step 1:   Create an account on USA Herald by clicking here.

Step 2:   Create a byline.

Step 3:   Load your story into the platform.

Step 4:  Choose a boosting budget.   From there we will buy media to the article and guarantee a high level of distribution.


From there we’ll take your story live and boost it to the masses.

What Is Story Boosting?

Boosting is the process of promoting stories on the USA Herald to your exact audience.

Without boosting, 99.99% of news media articles reach a limited audience.  Utilizing these networks, we target your exact audience and distribute it to them accordingly.

We boost via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Outbrain.

Within hours of a story going live, boosting will start.  You will see people in your audience engage in the story by sharing, liking, commenting, and taking other actions such as purchasing.

The Benefits of a USA Herald Story

  You will get to release the exact article that you want on USA Herald.*

  You get to determine how many visitors you want to your article, whether it’s a few thousand or millions, we can distribute to the world via Facebook.

  Draw larges volumes of people from your audience to your story.

  Your story will show up in searches on Google and Facebook.

  Create your own custom byline and get the recognition you deserve to your story.

  Release your story on your timeline.


What Do Articles Look Like On The Herald?

Here’s some of our favorite articles, some of which were promoted by clients, others that we ran internally.    This will give you a feel for what articles look like on the Herald:

Try an article out on the USA Herald today and see the results first hand.

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*Before submitting an article, make sure you note the following:
  • We do not allow “fake” news to be published on our site.  Be prepared to substantiate your claims before should we ask for proof.
  • Make sure that your content is edited and well written.  We reserve the right to reject any content that is poorly written.
  • Do not submit any hate speech or anything that is intended to inflame people.
  • Articles that are promoting products or advertorial in nature will be marked as such.